Galvanizing is an effective solution for cathodic protection of steel or iron from corrosion. It is a reaction of forming a series of zinc-iron alloy layers. The galvanizing process consists of 80% surface preparation and 20% coating stages. The results of other covering techniques such as painting or spraying are not as good as this operation. In that case, what are the primary advantages of galvanizing? We can arrange its benefits:


Galvanizing is the most cost-effective choice for covering compared with other methods. It has the lowest overall cost.


The long-term corrosion protection can last for up to 50 years or more in the right environment.


The galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure. It is permanently bonded, tough and thick.

  • AESTHETIC DESIGN: The surface (all parts – corners, seals, edges, seams, and rivets) of the steel is completely coated with a matte grey layer which is called spangle. The spangle is an aesthetic envelope and formed by dipping the metal in the molten zinc bath.
  • RELIABLE: The performance of the galvanizing is dependable. It can be applied to any small area of the steel exposed through drilling, cutting or accidental damage.
  • BARRIER PROTECTION: Other coverings can’t provide the same protection as the galvanized one. The intermetallic layers of the zinc coating are tightly bonded to the steel while barrier protection and prevent against moisture.
  • CATHODIC PROTECTION: The cathodic technique is used to check the corrosion of the steel surface by making it the cathode of the electrochemical process. Even if the covering is scraped, the zinc will continue to resist corrosion. The life of the galvanized steel basically depends on the total coating mass. Without protection, the steel will rust due to atmospheric conditions over time.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Minimal maintenance is required for galvanized steel. This makes it one of the affordable options for preventing the metal from rust.
  • EASY INSPECTION: The visual inspection of the galvanized materials gives an excellent opportunity to check the coating quality.
  • TIMESAVING: A full application of the coating can be completed in an hour. But the application of other covering processes can require a week or more time.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: It is the most environmentally friendly coating process because galvanizing contains no petroleum-based solvents or materials that harm the environment.
  • HYGIENIC: The galvanized steel can be cleaned easily once a year to increase their longevity. Spraying it with alkaline water and wiping with a soft cloth are the best cleaning ways of galvanized materials. Galvanized products can be re-galvanized, re-used, as well as easily recycled in the steel production process. It is possible to recycle approximately 90% of steel and 80% of zinc.

Get quote from us about your galvanizing machinery needs. Tell us all the details.

Get quote from us about your galvanizing machinery needs. Tell us all the details.